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Ghusl Khana

Hygienic On-site Ghusl Khana
Hygienic On-site Ghusl Khana

The Ghusl Khāna

(a fully equipped ablution area at the masjid to wash and enshroud (kaffan) our mayyit).

This facility is available to our community at a very low cost (currently only R100.00)  allowing us :

  • To practice the highest degree of hygiene.
    To protect the Ghāsil & Ghāsila from contracting infectious diseases.
    A convenience to the mourning family – no need to clear rooms to wash and enshroud the deceased at home.
  • The Ghusl Khāna is equipped with all the necessary requirements to perform a ghusl with ease including warm water.
  • The mayyit is afterwards delivered to the family with ghusl already performed, thus saving the family in mourning from unnecessary trauma.
  •  The destitute  and indigent Muslim who does not have a permanent residence is also afforded his/her rights as prescribed by the Shar’iah.
  • Also serves as an educational institute where Muslims are taught the performance on the rights of the mayyit/mayyitah

The Ghusl Khāna has all the facilities and conveniences required for the performance of ghusl on the deceased other than any extras such as towels and rags etc. which is the responsibility of the family to provide.

In the event of a Janaazah:

A Doctor must provide a certificate of death.

He will issue a medical report on cause of death on a     BI 1663 form.

A Death Registrar to register the death and issue a Burial Order. (with an official number)

If needed, a hearse must at all times be used for conveyance of the mayyit.

Should an autopsy be required, the body will only be released to the Death registrar to convey.

Contact your preferred Imam & nearest masjid for performance of Salaah.

Contact the Cemetry Board of the Maqbara to purchase a burial hole. A Burial Order from the Death Registrar is required for this.


Relevant Contact Details:



Taronga Road Masjid  021 697 5302 or 073 885 8835  for booking of the Ghusl Khana
and/or purchase of Kaffan (including 9 planks)
Maulana Yazeed Mohamed 073 219 3754
Sheikh Fadiel Cornelius 021 696 2483 or 083 505 7838
Contact a Doctor to certify the person dead.
                              Dr Ashtiker (in our area)  021 696 9245 or 082 349 1766
Cemetery to purchase a burial hole : (prices differ)     Mowbray    021 448 8622 or  MJC
   Johnson Road (Vygiekraal  021 705 1260   or  082 491 7994
Death Registrars : Nazmie Davids   021 697 0560  or  082 674 7011
Toekamandies :                 MALES Nazmie Davids   021 697 0560  or  082 674 7011
                                              FEMALES Suleilah Davids            082 674 7011
Mualimah Sumaya      082 843 1411
Sister Allawiya                079 683 1043


(the above contacts are known to each other and can refer to each other)

Arrangements should be made with the officiating Imam of the Janaazah.

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