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Madrassah Ghiedmatiel Islamia

                              Where you child is the VIP of our system

Mission Statement: To Serve Allah by serving our community.To imbibe within the Talib (learner) the love, consciousness (fear) and Adab, His Deen, His Rasool (SAW) and Humanity. Allah the Almighty says. “Fear Allah and Allah will teach you”

Short History: The Islamic education of our children is a priority. When our society was initially established, we had no building or structure available for madrassah classes. As an interim measure Madrassah Classes commenced at residences in the area until a suitable premise at a nearby school was secured. Our first classes were held on 4th March 1991.

After five years in prefabricated classrooms at Windsor High School, attention was focused on acquiring alternative accommodation in the immediate area. The safety of our Madrasah children had to be taken in account as many had to use the subway to get to Windsor High and, more importantly, it was time to accommodate Musal-lees as the surrounding Mosques were a few kilometres away. Facilities for Salaah became imperative.

Today our madrassah at the complex is fully functional with daily classes and more than 100 students enrolled (2016). Being in the presence of the Masjid, Wudu Khana, Ghusl Khana (Mayet), & conference room , the classrooms are ideally situated for the Islamic development of our Youth.

• Arabic (Quranic Reading & Memorisation- selected Suwar)
• Fiqh & Duahs

• Akhlaaq
• Arabic writing

•Introduction to Hadith & Tafsir

Textbook : Learning Islam book 1- 6.  : Syllabus developed by Moulana Ali Adam Nadwi in 1985
(DBP printers and book sellers)

Madrassah times:

Junior Madrassah :             16:00-17:45 (Summer) Monday-Thursday

16:00-17:30 (Winter  ) Monday-Thursday

Senior Madrassah:             15:30-17:30   Fridays only

*Times adjusted during the Month of Ramadaan


Staff Compliment 2016

Form R & 1                 – Mualimah Malikah Simons

Form 2 & 3                 – Mualimah Tahirah Abdul Aziz

Form 4                         – Mualim Jaffar Chilanda

Form5 & 6                  – Mualimah Nurjahan Jacobs

Senior Level 1          – M.Tasneem Ibrahim

Senior level 2           – Mualim Nabeel Camorodien

Assistant teacher   – Rahmah Peck