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Brothers of the Athkaar & Social Welfare & OutReach at REICT prepared food and small gift packs which were handed out to the needy on Sunday morning. According to them the experience was very humbling.

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This is what Boeta Noor Fakier had to say…


Sunday, 21 August, started out as another lovely overcast day. The eagerness of the brothers:  Abdullah (co-ordinator), Faizel, Shafiek, Boeta Moegamad, Boeta Faroek, Ederies, Ashraf, Faldeen and the young boys was clearly visible whilst the loading of the two pots and utensils took place.

The destination this time was HEINZ PARK MASJIED. Alghamdulillah, how grateful we are for having been afforded another opportunity to humbly serve the cause of the Almighty.

Upon arrival we found that the brothers at the masjied had already gathered all the madrassah learners inside the masjied in an effort to facilitate the distribution. We thank them for their assistance.

When Imam Omar arrived, we were set up and the queue moved smoothly. Sweet packs as well as bread was handed out along with the food. As word went out about the goings on at the Masjied the queue snaked onto the road. People braved the rain to have a place in the queue. Looking at the crowd, we sadly realised that we would not be able to feed all the people. One of the elders at the masjied,  Boeta Muhammed, told me that there are over 700 muslims in the vicinity of the masjied.

He relates that during Ramadaan their masjied is packed to capacity and that they cater for ladies as well.

When we left Heinz Park the rain came in all earnestness and we realised that we have to come back to Heinz Park, Insha – Allah. ‘